Diagnosis: Lung Cancer
December 21, 2023 

Metabolic, Mitochondrial, Immune Therapies


Will You Help Bev Heal Cancer?

It's such a bummer that Bev has lung cancer, which is also in her lymph nodes. Yet she’s got effective cutting-edge treatments which are already working! And… they are not covered by insurance. 

Bev's Words

How many feelings can I have at once?! 

Amazed and stunned at the diagnosis, even 3 months in. Afraid and impatient for the medicines to work quickly. Grateful for so many effective medicines, all low-toxicity.  Tired and frightened and yet strangely, deeply persevering and hopeful. I do not quit;

Asking for help sucks. At least for me. Yet I want to live.  

So, I swallow my pride, get brave and bold, and go for it.  And how can you ever thank someone enough for supporting you in living? Well, I’ll spend my life trying, that’s all I know.

Deepest, deepest gratitude, Bev.

We are asking for help in paying for the medical expenses which will save her lungs, her lymph, her life. We hope! With stage 3 cancer, time is of the essence.  Initial goal: 30k.


Bev’s Treatment Plan

Track 1: Slow and Steady

This is meant to work over months. Expenses are in the hundreds to thousands. This is the track we are fundraising for right now. 

Here are some highlights:

  • Medicines: $600/mo
    Bev's ongoing medicines include Stromectol Vermox, and Andazole, to name a few.
  • Intravenous chemo medicines$4500/mo
  • Doctors:  $825/mo
    These are Bev's many doctor consultations and medical tests.
  • Medical trip: $10,500
    In June Bev travels to California to meet with her metabolic oncologist.
  • Strict Food: $500/mo
    Bev follows a very strict organic, mostly plant-based, healthy proteins and fats. Cancer starves on these foods, but it is costly.

Bev is underemployed during her treatment, and every little bit helps.

See a breakdown of all estimated costs


Track 2: Fast Track

Treatments are extremely effective, quite rapid, but not surprisingly, very expensive ($200k).

We are holding off on this track, hoping that Slow Track is all Bev needs.

How You Can Help

Thank you for considering donating to her medical treatments. And if at this time you are unable, would you please consider sharing this link with your friends, family, social circle or colleagues? Cancer will touch 50% of us, so you never know who will be moved by Bev‘s journey. 


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